2023 White Nights

16th June to 2nd July 2023

I can’t quite remember when this rally was first proposed but, like a lot of other things, Coronavirus got in the way and it was postponed for quite a while. Last year the organisers, Bespoke Rallies, started promoting it again so we very quickly put in an entry.

Way back in 2013 you might recall that we did a huge rally in S America from Buenos Aries to Usuhaia at the southern tip. Despite what our friends in New Zealand might say, we did drive the most southerly race circuit in the world at Rio Grande on Terra del Fuego and finished up at the end of Ruta 40, the most southerly road in the world. Naturally when the White Nights was proposed we had no hesitation to go it as it drives as far North as you can in the world to Nord Kapp (North Cape) at the very top of Norway.

Some of our friends drove their open pre-war car another rally up that way a while ago and even in mid summer it looked decidedly cool and wet so we made the decision to renovate an old MGB GT that we have for this trip. Doors, windows, a heater and even a roof will be quite luxurious.

Route planning has begun

8th June 2023

Sadly we have decided that the new MGB GT won’t be ready in time. There were too many snags and delays; to be honest at times, it felt like the car was fighting me every step of the way. It is very nearly completed. The engine is in and the interior is very nearly completely trimmed but the biggest problem was the wiring. Despite promises it just wasn’t going to be done in time to let me finish the job.

So, like 2018 when the Talbot wasn’t ready, we’re going to take Penny’s wee Audi TT. It’s a bit of fun and besides, there’s no competitive element to this trip.

Our baggage is nearly all ready and I’m relaxing for a few days after the hectic re-build sessions before we take the first of (very) many ferries next Tuesday.

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