Here are all the videos that we’ve posted on our various blogs. Not many back in the early days.

These are a few of the out-takes that the professional video crew didn’t use for the television show or the official DVD. Note that the colour is a bit funny – the Talbot was and always has been blue.
Before the start of the Icelandic Saga we went to see their local form of motorsport. We have done a few trials at home but nothing like this! Special space-frame chassis, big American V8s, superchargers and nitrous injection!
A lovely slide show by the official photographer, Gerard Brown.
This is another slide show by Gerard Brown. A 1000 mile travelling house party with some very mild competition thrown in.
Video by the official event photographers.
This is a Japanese enthusiast’s home video of the rally arriving at a control inside a heritage centre.
Here’s a bit of video of what the organisers have been up to for the last few years
In this video you can click and drag the picture to see all around – a full 360 degrees.

On our way to the Vintage Portugal we had a lovely little tour of our own.
A super valley road in northern Spain, Asturias
Noisy little birds in the evening, just outside our bedroom window in Spain
Looks like St Marks in Venice but no, this is Salamanca in Spain.
We couldn’t believe how quiet a (largish) town centre could be on a Saturday night. We were the last to leave the restaurant at half past nine and the main street is deserted.
In the superb “Steam Punk” museum there was this art installation