BORDER CROSSING: This is the book that set us off on the mad adventure. Penny bought it at the airport when we were off to Spain, thinking it was a romantic ‘beach read’. In reality, it is Rosie Thomas’ account of all her problems on the 1997 Peking to Paris

PEKING to PARIS: This is the account by Luigi Barzini of their trials and tribulations on the very first race in 1907. It has been almost continuously in publication ever since. It provides a great deal of details of the preparations and terain covered.

PRINCE BORGHESE’S TRAIL: This very entertaing book was written by Jenny Obert, an American who navigated for Linda Dodwell and who won the Ladies’ Team Prize in 1997. It is a very good, detailed account on a daily basis of the full journey.

ACROSS AFRICA AND BEYOND: This was written by our friend, James Wheildon who, with Paul Davies, won a race in 1988 from London to Sydney to mark the anniversary of Australia’s foundation. It is a real ‘ripping yarn’ of the problems encountered in Africa with no backup whatsoever.

SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE: Brian Ashby’s account of the 1997 rally in S America.

GOING THE EXTRA MILE: Despite appearances, we had already decided on the name for our adventure when I discovered this book. It contains a massive amount of information about clothing, packing, and a multitude of other details for the participants on USA’s extreme long distance motorcycle rallies.

LONG WAY ROUND: Ewen McGregor & Charlie Boorman’s entertaining report on their motorcycling adventure around the world. Their route into Mongolia is the same as our route out and, along with the DVDs, has given us a lot of information about what to prepare the car for.

A LAP OF THE GLOBE: This is Kevin Clemens’ very accurate and entertaing account of their participation in the 2000 Around the World in 80 Days rally.

A BOOT FULL OF RIGHT ARMS: Australian, Evan Green’s report on the 1974 World Cup Rally from London to Munich – via Kano in the south of the Sahara Dessert. Lots of information on how the crew overcame a great many problems on what must surely have been the roughest rally to date.

MEXICO OR BUST: Mark Kahn’s report on the Daily Mirror sponsored entry in the 1970 World Cup Rally from London to Mexico via Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Argentina…. just about everywhere in fact.

HOW TO WIN A ROAD RALLY: Edited by Alan Smith, this is a useful little booklet for newcomers to navigation rallies.

HOW TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL RALLY CAR: This book didn’t teach us anything new – but – it did provide a very useful, logical plan for building our Talbot.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS: Stelvio Sid (AKA the late Philip Young) gave a very entertaing day by day account of the longest motor rally ever attempted.

BMC COMPETITIONS DEPARTMENT SECRETS: More invaluable hints and tips from the masters of rallying in the ‘golden era’.

A genuine addventure by a pair of young Austrians in the inter war era.

Th extraordinary account of a solo drive in 1920s Austin Seven.

The first true marathon rally.

The winner of the London to Sydney rally.