2014 – Turas Mile Mile

I apologise but we really don’t have any photographs taken on this week-long rally around Ireland.

We’ve done lots of long weekend events with the Wolseley Car Club of Ireland and every now and again they also organise a full 1000 mile trial all the way around Ireland. Being “Irish”, this event is, shall we say, a bit more relaxed in the competition department. I think we won it one year and the Clerk of the Course (the top organiser on the event) admitted that he was creating a few special tests just to separate those who were really trying hard. On another one, we thought we had secured a class win (for the age of car and size of engine) but at the end we had mysteriously changed classes because we had done so well in the past. Still, we won the prize that year for “Best Couple”, whatever that’s for. On this year we had a few friends from the recent Cape Horn rally come along for the party so a great time was had all around. There was even one couple who we first met on a trip to the Circuit des Ramparts at Angouleme in France way back in 2005.

The video is another of Gerard Brown’s excellent slide shows and does give you a feel for the event.

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